Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just making sure we are all on the same wavelength

These are the things we need to do by next week according to floyd, incase you didnt realise
* 1 exertion game without a conventional screen
* 1 website that describes the game and its benefits (example see pacmanhattan)
* 1 video on youtube
* promotional photograph (collage)
* 1024x768 landscape
* gametitle*
* 1-2 sentences describing how the game works and why we need it
* URL*
* team WTF? i guess that means we all have to be physically there :\
* Report red dots at end of demo night - ill bring some friends along so we have the advantage


  1. I think this time around our display needs to be interactive for the audience instead of them just watching a video of the game. Getting people involved would be good. GO TEAM!