Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wii remote.

Hey everyone, since it looks like we are probably going to stick with Luke's idea, i've been playing around with my Wii equipment at home and i got the wii remote to work with my computer, this look like we can use the Wii balance board for our game, it's great because we don't have buy a board or something (and it saves money!)

Since i have a Mac i download the program OSCulator and it gives you a 30 day trail (which is good since we only need a week for this). I don't know what the Windows version is called but i guess you can find it by doing a search on google. It's really easy to use. I'm thinking of playing around with flash and figuring out how we can make this work.

Any ideas to go with our game?


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  2. OMFG BRAINWAVE!!!! how about we get one person to control the speed and direction of the logs flow using the wii-mote, so the poor person hanging from the bar has to compensate in order to get a rest. its a bit like mario party! 1 vs 3 mini-games!!! Also instead of having logs, we could have crocodiles. so the longer your on there back, the more agitated they are, and when they snap at your heels, you loose. it might be a bit difficult to implement but its and idea. we could also make it a competition among three or four people, so the longer people take time to rest their arms, the more points they loose. What you do you think??

  3. Good idea Luke, but i fear it's going to be hard to implement with the crocodiles. as someone discuss today (I can't remember who) we could have our longs but the longer you stand on it, the log will sink. I was thinking of making different levels, like Beginner, Intermediate, Expert. I was also thinking about having 3 life points where you have bombs on the log as well as power ups. if you hit the bomb, you'll loose a life point. Another idea is making different size logs appearing, so the player has to think about balance as well.

  4. That was Josh I think that said that. And yeah, I reckon it would be a little hard, I really think we should stick with 3 levels (Luke, you were in class when Lauren thought of the 3 levels). After all, it is a demo, and we probably think of something else as the final product.

  5. The windows version of oscultor is glovepie, but there are others.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. i love that idea luke it could be cool to implement