Saturday, March 13, 2010

great work lauren for getting this speckled blog running!

Uh hey guys since ive been made the leader of this so called awesome team! I would like to remind you that we need to get cracking on some ideas, i was thinking games for blind people but most of my ideas involved technology that is worth way more than 100 dollars I think if you guys are interested we should go and visit a school for blind people to get some inspiration but this may not be a practical idea.... know what! i mean i was also thinking maybe there was a way to make training for football by your self more fun, i know that i struggle to get out to the park to kick the footy knowing that ultimately i must be the one to retrieve the ball that i have just kicked 45 metres how can we make that more fun? they are some starting points but i think we are a little bit more creative as a team than that! so ide like to see some ideas sooon plllleeeeeaaaseee!

im more of a creative speller

these are some other ideas for games that ive had

making music practice fun

is there a game we could make for people with memory issues to help them remember things?

uh im not sure that any of those are exhurtion games the other point i want to make in favor of a game for blind people is that i would imagine that its very hard when you are blind to get the kinds of physical activity that non-blind people get apart from swimming maybe

but ultimately i don't really know

can i make a suggestion could we all keep a note pad with us at all times so that any ideas that come to mind can be recorded immediately!



  1. yeah, I don't really know if music practice game will be an exhaustion game, but i like the idea of using music in the game.

    how about using exercise to create music, like using the inspiration of the giant keyboard where you have to use you whole body to play the notes. but maybe that will be too expensive if we did something on the same line as that.

    maybe a game to remember your scales for music where it involves you running to get the scales right.

    or maybe we have to play music with our feet? go against a friend and who ever hits the most notes correct wins. I don't know how we would do it, but i think it's a cool idea (if only we can use a screen and it would look better). Here is the idea, you can have a mat as a keyboard with a range of one octave (so the person doesn't have to run all the way up and all the way down) each note will have a sound according to the note and will already have songs inputted it there. You have your sheet of music and you have to try and follow it. It's like DDR but keyboard style and without a screen. I don't know, what do you think about that?

  2. hrm, i thought we were gonna scrap the blind audience, but eh.

    also, i like the music idea, however, i still fear that with your idea lauren, we dont exactly have the right budget to buy a keyboard. also, its making think of the simpsons where homer breaks the keyboard tiles at the toystore. :D that would cool as an exertion game ...

  3. uh yeah i dont know they were jsut my ideas blind b=people might be a little hard but i think if you could make something that was fun for a blind person then that would be cool know what i mean i think we dont need to do that exactly but some more ideas would be good i like my one about football because its something that affects me directly but its hard to say how you would make it fun

  4. Herrow dere
    I really like the music idea. Making learning music fun would really help those who find it hard to learn an instrument. I had an idea along those lines as well.

    I know that music theory is a massive pain in the rectum, so how about a game that makes music theory more engaging. It might be that music theory is un-funable, but its an idea.

    And who says we have to buy a keyboard. Ive got a friend who has about six synthesises, and i have a keyboard myself. LOL! the keyboard tile idea would be freakin awesome. it could be like a ddr modification or something, simillar to guitar hero.

    Also, how about a game where you hang from a bar with other competitors, and you compete to stay the longest hanging from the bar, and when you let go a sensor alarms a siren or something. It would be good for cops, because i know cop trainees have to build up the muscles in there fingers, wrists and forearms before they can handle firearms. (dont ask me how i know this but there you go)

    Ps, i dont think i have recieved an invite yet :S

  5. Oh i sent you an invite luke, send it to me again so i can add you once more.

    lol, i was thinking we buy like a white mat and paint on it, XD

    Yeah, i was fearing that the budget might be too much, but looking at luke's comment, it might work. But just because i came up with an idea, it doesn't mean we should stop here. We can either build on it or think of other ideas.

  6. great idea luke but i just feel that its a little too similar to floyds idea last week

  7. hanging on a bar! I like it: simple, yet full of potential: where else do you hang from something? rockclimbing? what feelings does that evoke?
    Magic circle: try to get 100 people to 'hang' at the same time! you can also swing! pulls! you can have crocodiles passing by below. or you can try hitting the other player off the bar! you can play it in the tram on the bar there! try it out! see where the fun is!

  8. LOL IT WAS MY IDEA!!!!!!!!! respec my athoratah

  9. You need to update your blog so we know what you are working on!

  10. No updates since! Look what Team Gorilla is doing!
    You can do it!